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The Jump rundown!

  • Day 1 through day 7 you will be taking the 10 day challenge. 

  • Day 7 you will start your reboot at night

  • Day 8 will be reboot day one 

  • Day 9 will be reboot day two 

  • Day 10 complete reboot 

  • Day 10 through day 13 you will completing the 10 day challenge. 

track progress on social media for extra accountability 



  • Drink 64+oz of water a day (ketones are not water)

  • Drink ketones within 30-45 minutes (no chugging)

  • Customize your ketones: Too sweet? add more water. Add ice for better flavor.

  • Try all flavors in the first five days and rate them to find your favorite.

  • Challenge your friends to join you on the journey to better.

  • Talk to me about how to get free ketones. 

  • For more support, recipes, fitness ideas, inspiration and more check out Simple. Proven. Results on facebook. 

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